Learn The Basics of On Page SEO for Your Site

on page seoDeciding to go the way of search engine optimization is a serious choice, and then you have to be prepared to do what is needed. But remember there are two important parts to it, and getting your website or blog pages just right is crucial. Yes, it does take planning, effort and good execution, but that’s what quality SEO is all about, and when you get your site ranked for your desired keyword, you’ll know for a fact that you made it. What we have been talking about are what is called, on page SEO factors, and they cannot be left out of the equation.

One of the most important things that you need to figure out are the keyword phrases you want to target the most. Making your on page SEO work in your favor is knowing which keywords you are honestly going after. Make sure you do your research so that you’ll figure out which keywords you most want to work with. You don’t have to spend gobs of money on buying high tech keyword mining tools for this purpose. All you have to do is use one of the free tools like the one offered by Google. Make sure that the keywords you choose aren’t those with a ton of competition. It should get a considerable level of traffic. If you track down one of these keywords, you’ll have a much easier time of your on page optimization. When you are writing your meta title, you shouldn’t use more than 66 characters including the spaces between words. If you can keep it below sixty, that is even better. Don’t make it longer than it has to be. You’ll find better results when you stick to fewer characters. In spite of what you might have been told, on page SEO isn’t really all that complicated. Taking care of all of the small things now will help you out so much later. You just have to focus on the right stuff, even if it looks darn simple.

There has been a raging debate for years about keyword density and if it is worth it. Years ago spamming with your keywords fell out of favor with the search engines and Google, mainly. If you stuff keywords, then you will simply be penalized for it in some way. Having a keyword density of four to five percent is fine, but anything more than that can make things difficult for you. Do not forget that free density checker software is on the web, and you can check it in seconds with no problem at all. Every last on page SEO technique that you use will help you out with your success. However, you have to keep your site updated with the latest changes in the SEO industry. You simply can’t throw a website up online and then go play at other things while you wait for magic to happen to you. Improving the on page SEO of your blog or website is something that is ongoing. It isn’t something that will happen in just one night; you need to work really hard at it to get every piece in place. The more focused you are on your on page SEO and the more you stay up to date with it, the more likely you are to achieve the success you want to achieve.

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